Your guide to Virginia’s Blue Laws

Blue laws are special laws that are made to imply and observe certain religious activities. All the other activities that might provide a diversion from the religious activities are pronounced illegal. For instance, a blue law could potentially put a ban on retail and other form of businesses, hence, making shopping or carrying business activities on a Sunday, illegal. Similarly, some of the serious blue laws include buying, selling and drinking of alcohol during certain hours on a Sunday.

Blue Laws In Virginia:

Virginia has been the hub of blue laws for quite some time and has had some of the most interesting blue laws. To ensure religious attendance in the church, Virginia Court introduced Blue Laws back in the 1600s, which included the prohibition of retail business, general labor, alcohol buying and selling, alcohol consumption, sports, hunting and even barbering.

However, now almost all of these laws are repealed and only a few remain to be intact, and that too with slight flexibility.


Hunting in Virginia, that too on a Sunday is still one of the strictest blue laws in the state. Hunting animals, like Deer, Turkey, Dove, and Duck in all forms is illegal. Although, on any other day the activity is considered to be legal.

As per the latest edition of the blue laws of Virginia, the General Assembly issued a compromise bill hunting. The compromise bill allowed hunting away from public properties. It also included restrictions on hunting on a Sunday within the 200-yard radius of a place of worship, and also maintains illegal status on the use of deerhounds to be used during the deer-hunting on Sundays. The hounds could be used on any other day.


Alcohol could not be sold or bought on a Sunday. The sale of alcohol off the premises of a proper wine shop is prohibited between 12 am to 6 am daily. Although alcohol could be bought at a State-run Alcoholic Beverages Control – ABC store, that too, operates during limited hours, especially on a Sunday. According to the blue laws of Virginia, it is illegal to buy alcohol before 1 pm, and stores are allowed to sell Liquor from 1 pm to 6 pm only on Sundays.

What to do if you are accused of breaking any Blue Laws?

If you ever see yourself in a situation where you are accused of breaking a certain blue law in the State of Virginia it is essential that you use your right to an attorney and contact us. We, at SRIS Law Group, are well versed in the blue laws and take pride in delivering the best services to you. Our experienced lawyers would do all they can to protect your interests and get you through the legal processes in the smoothest of manners possible.