Why Hire A Maryland Sex Trafficking Lawyer

Hiring a skilled, qualified defense lawyer as soon as possible is the main significant step anybody accused of a sex crime in Kansas can take. If you have motive to suppose that you are, or will be, the suspect in a sex crime investigation, do not waver to get in touch with a qualified attorney.

A trained criminal defense lawyer will be able to appropriately counsel you on how best to continue in any area of sexual offense, including:

  1. Possession of pornography
  2. Child pornography
  3. Human trafficking
  4. Exploitation of a Child
  5. Sexual Assault
  6. Rape
  7. Date Rape
  8. Statutory Rape
  9. Sexual Battery
  10. Lewd and Lascivious Behavior
  11. Indecent Liberties w/ a Child Prostitution

Inquiry of any of the above sexual offenses will start when police get a report of a sex crime. These reports characteristically occur when a victim or witness calls the police or when persons believing there might be sexual offenses taking place make a report.

How to Hire the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Since the stakes are so elevated in a Kansas sex case, there is no result more crucial to your future than which sex crime defense attorney to hire.

Time is of the essence, and appointing the correct attorney can appear intimidating, if not time-consuming. Beneath are a few key tips to get you started in the process of hiring the finest lawyer to represent all of your interests?

Create a 2-column list with the headings “Experience” and “Resources” for every attorney you talk to.

Under experience, mark down the following questions:

  1. How long have you practiced in this jurisdiction?
  2. How many sex crime cases have you handled?
  3. What types of motions have you litigated in sex offense cases?
  4. How many cases similar to mine have you litigated?
  5. How much trial experience do you have in sex crime cases?

Under the “Resources” column, write the following questions:

  1. How and when do you prepare for trial in similar sex crimes cases?
  2. Do you have relationships with the local authorities?
  3. Do you have relationships with the prosecution?
  4. Do you have ample legal staff?
  5. Do you work with an independent investigator?
  6. What qualified experts do you work with?
  7. Are you willing and qualified to take an appeal?

The responses you obtain from the lawyer must make you experience confident and trust they are enthusiastic to advocate on your behalf fully. If you do not feel contented with the answers given you must speak with another attorney.

Experience Counts

The attorneys at Norton Hare have decades of knowledge in handling investigations and cases connecting high-level sex crimes. For the first five years of his legal career, Attorney DeMarco worked for the Johnson County Public Defender’s Office defending clients solely on felony charges that included aggravated sodomy, aggravated sexual battery, and rape. He is familiar with the exceptional evidentiary and legal issues that occur in sex crime cases in Kansas and with the people occupied in law enforcement and prosecution of Johnson County sex crimes.