Why Hire a Lawyer If You Are Facing Charges Of Sexual Crimes?

Sexual crimes are considered as heinous criminal activities with severe punishments. A sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that is performed through intimidation, manipulation, force, violence, coercion, deception, threat, or abuse of authority. Hence, consent is neither freely given nor obtained during the offense.

Being accused of a sexual crime can render long-lasting repercussions. Therefore, if you have been accused of any sex crime, obtaining a lawyer’s assistance should not be viewed as an option, but rather considered an absolute necessity.

In the state of Virginia, sexual crimes are divided into two broad categories, viz. 1) sexually violent offenses like rape, forcible sodomy, object sexual penetration, aggravated sexual battery, and indecent behavior with a minor and 2) sexual offenses. The difference between them is the intensity of violence.

Hire a Sexual Assault Defense Attorney or You Could Face the Consequences

If you have been accused of a sexual assault, you could be charged with sex crime even without evidence, especially when you fail to prove your innocence. Winning a sex crime case is a hard and challenging task, even when you seem to be in the most favorable circumstances. No one should be penalized unjustly. Consequently, you should not delay in hiring a qualified attorney to represent you.

In Virginia, individuals facing charges of sex crimes are required to get themselves registered as a sex offender in their neighborhood. Thus, they are “marked” right away even before they have had their lawful chance to defend themselves. This makes their personal information easily accessible to general public. They could lose their job, be alienated from their family and friends, and have themselves be publicized as a sex offender. Eventually, being convicted of a sex crime tends to impact your life negatively forever. In fact, although the illegal photographing of another person may be viewed as a minor sexual offense, this can also make the person be listed in the sexual offender registry for a lifetime.

The general public opinion claims that sex offenders in residential neighborhoods are, at least, not good for the general public. As it is assumed that individuals who are marked as sexual offenders are likely to repeat similar crimes upon their release from prison and there is no cure for sexual predators. Because of this, there are several consequences that come with a court order, including:

  • Restrictions and limitations on where a sex offender can live, socialize, work, or travel in their city, town or neighborhoods.
  • No participation in activities or projects that involve children, regardless whether they are related to religion
  • Restricted access to social media platforms and websites
  • Compulsory registration as a sex offender (if not previously made)
  • Activities may be strictly monitored and regulated by law enforcement agencies
  • One could also lose their rights to government benefits.

When hiring an attorney to represent your sex crime case, you should hire a well-versed, qualified defense lawyer who has a high success rate with similar types of cases. Besides shielding your honor and protecting you against lifestyle restrictions, a good lawyer will negotiate for a lesser sentence or even a temporary arrangement ensuring you spend minimum time in prison.

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