Traffic Lawyer in Henrico VA

A traffic lawyer in Henrico VA is round-the-clock on the telephone line for providing legal protection to drivers in the field of “auto-right”. The attorneys of our law firm protect drivers from falsifications of road accidents and from illegal actions of traffic policemen. In addition to this, our lawyers provide legal assistance to drivers by phone due to their 24/7 availability.

When calling our legal attorneys, you will feel satisfied as they take the situation under their control and accompany all further actions of the driver. A traffic lawyer in Henrico VA would analyze the legality of the actions of the office on duty, his demands, the validity of the charges, the availability and consistency of evidence, and the possible consequences for the driver. Based on this, the attorney will develop arguments to protect the driver and facilitate the procedures for completing the protocol, which eventually increases the likelihood of cancellation or reduction of penalty. Due to the expertise and experience, our lawyers thoroughly know all the subtleties of the current legislation, so the chances to tip the scales on the driver’s side are very high.

The services of a traffic lawyer in Henrico VA for an accident will be relevant to drivers who have disputes with the insurance company, as well as in the case of a traffic accident.

In case of an accident, the lawyer predicts the possible consequences of a road accident, preempts attempts to falsify the circumstances of an accident. Moreover, they monitor compliance with procedural rules when compiling documents on road accidents and develop a line of defense from the first minutes of the accident.

With respect to road accidents, traffic lawyer in Henrico VA know perfectly the specifics of the work of law enforcement agencies and insurance companies, so that they are able to provide maximum protection in the best interests of the driver. After consulting a traffic lawyer in Henrico VA on a mobile phone, the driver will feel confident and secure. In this regard, the following services are extended to our clients if they are accused of violation:

  • assistance in stopping traffic police inspectors and everything related to this
  • assistance in registration of an insured event and the traffic police protocol
  • legal advice on traffic rules
  • advice on the importation of cars from abroad
  • legal clarification of any document related to automobile

Furthermore, the attorneys of our law firm will also provide assistance in the issue of compensation for damage as a result of a traffic accident and will provide legal support at all stages that lead to an insurance payment. In this regard, the assistance provided by traffic lawyer in Henrico VA is categorized under following stages:

  • Stage 1 – Road accident: Our lawyers for the accident, will help meet all the requirements of the insurer, to receive compensation;
  • Stage 2 – Notify the insurance company of an accident: Attorneys of our law firm will fill out a statement about the occurrence of an insurance event.
  • Stage 3 – Documents for insurance compensation: Traffic lawyer in Henrico VA on road accidents will prepare a list of all documents necessary for obtaining insurance compensation, which is specified in the insurance contract.