Reckless Driving Ticket in Arlington County, Virginia:

The courts of Virginia particularly Arlington County’s take reckless driving cases seriously and handle matters strictly. The person convicted of the reckless driving may face a traffic ticket by law enforcement official constituting major fines and detrimental penalties. The traffic tickets vary according to nature and influence of an offense with the code. In the Arlington jurisdiction of Virginia, you may face with additional charges constituting traffic citation for reckless driving, as local laws for driving in Arlington County differ from other jurisdictions in Virginia.

A traffic ticket for a driver accused of reckless driving may constitute a fine up to $2,500 and reduction in points. A reckless driving ticket is usually given to a motorist under the §46.2-852 code of Virginia. The code §46.2-852 narrates the general rule for giving a person reckless driving ticket and convicting the person of the charge which basically relies on speed limits generally and according to the posted restrictions.

Penalties Constituting Reckless Driving Tickets

The ticket for reckless driving in Arlington, VA constitute a notice defining the fines and penalties under the § 46.2-868 Code of Virginia which the owner of the vehicle or the driver will be assessed against. The code § 46.2-86 gives following clauses for penalties and fines depending on severity of the offense.

  1. Under the provisions of the above code, any person who is guilty of this offense of reckless driving in Virginia is charged with Class 1 misdemeanor.
  2. Under the provisions of the above code any citizen of the state Virginia is convicted with reckless driving is guilty of Class 6 felony when driving without license due to suspension or offense of any other traffic laws and or in result of his reckless driving caused the loss of life any other citizen.

Arlington County court in some cases also direct the person for the successful completion of Driving Behavior Management Program under DMV program. In Arlington this program may costs more than $100 and duration is also longer in comparison to other driving improvement programs. The program is also different from usual driving lessons as it focus on drivers’ aggression and behavioral issues.

Suspension of license for six or more months, 1 year jail, and the six-points on your DMV record for 11 years are other possible consequences of traffic violation like reckless driving.

In case you have been issued a traffic ticket for reckless driving in Arlington County, VA a traffic attorney can assist you better in this regard and negotiate the necessary steps that should be taken to handle the matter smoothly.