Possession of child pornography Fairfax Virginia

Child pornography is the crime that exploits the child for sexual stimulation. It is done in two ways. One is the direct sexual assault of the child while other is the child stimulated pornography. People do this crime through different ways like magazines, sculptures, drawing, cartoons, fil, video games, writings, and photos. In modern times, people are doing child pornography through the internet using social media.

Possession of child pornography is the serious crime and law provide the harsh punishment to the person convicting it. Although it varies from state to state in the USA the punishment may be in from of the fine, jail or sex offender registration.

Prohibition from the law

The government seriously prohibit the possession, distribution, reception, and production of the child pornography images as well as other sources. According to the law, it is illegal to persuade, allure, entice and induce any kind of sexual activity with the miner. It is the serious crime. No criminal is safe from punishment. The person charged with the child pornography possession or any other sin will be charged according to the offense.

Child pornography Fairfax Virginia law

Once the person does this crime he is listed in the Virginia Sex offender registry and he will get punishment whenever he does this shameful act. According to child pornography possession code of Virginia  18.2-374.1, the law strictly prohibits the act of possession of child pornography. Child pornography is not the protected speech that first amendments cover it. The felony is charged according to the degree of the crime, age of the child as well as situation. The jury may charge the criminal with fine, jail as well as sex offender registration.

Hiring a lawyer for possession of child pornography case

To hire a lawyer, in this case, is important. You must immediately contact your legal advisor in order to resolve the case and file a case against the child pornographer to save another children’s life for being ruining. In Fairfax Virginia as well as nearby counties the SRIS group of law can be a good option. We have a team of all attorneys that handle the case of different types. We have been working for many years and have legal advisors that can provide you services for the child pornography as well as other sexual assault cases.

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