Jail time for violating a Protection Order in Virginia

Protection order is governed by strict laws in Virginia. Every violation has severe consequences. The protection order is issued under the Family Violence Protection Act by the court judge in cases of domestic violence, divorce or child custody. The violation of protection order results in contempt charges and jail time stated below

First Time Violation of an Order of Protection and jail time

Violation of the protection order is treated as a criminal offense. According to the Virginia law, if the person who violates the protection order for the first time will be convicted and is found guilty of the having conducted Class I felony or misdemeanor. The offenses will be punishable by a fine of $2500 or be jailed for a term of up to 12 months or a combination of both.

Second Violation and jail time

According to the Virginia Law, if another violation is repeated within 5 years, the convicted will be punishable with a mandatory confinement of minimum 60 days jail time.

Third Violation and jail time

If the violation of the protection order is repeated the 3 times within the span of 20 years from the first date of conviction. This conviction will be considered as Class 6 Felony or misdemeanor. The offender will be punished with a minimum confinement of 6 month jail time with the addition of punishment if any other violation has been made.

Violation of Protection Order with assault charges and Jail time

If the offender commits an assault or battery on the party protected by the protective order which results in bodily injury or emotional instability due to the offender stalking the protected party. The convicted will be guilty of committing Class 6 felony under the Virginia law of violation 18.2-60.3.

According to the act 19.2-152.8, 19.2-152.9 or 19.2-152.10, the convicted will serve jail time of minimum of 2 years with an addition to a fine or any other legal procedures depending on the violation circumstances and the legal hearings.

Violation of Protection Order with the use of Firearm and Jail time

If the protected party is threated or attacked with a firearm or any deadly weapon. It will have violated the provision of a protective order of the Virginia law act 19.2-152.8, 19.2-152.9 or 19.2-152.10, will be held guilty of Class 6 felony serving jail time of minimum 2 years and in addition pay a fine as decided by the judge.

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