Jail time for violating a Protection Order in Virginia

Protection order is governed by strict laws in Virginia. Every violation has severe consequences. The protection order is issued under the Family Violence Protection Act by the court judge in cases of domestic violence, divorce or child custody. The violation of protection order results in contempt charges and jail time stated below First Time Violation … Read more

Your guide to Virginia’s Blue Laws

Blue laws are special laws that are made to imply and observe certain religious activities. All the other activities that might provide a diversion from the religious activities are pronounced illegal. For instance, a blue law could potentially put a ban on retail and other form of businesses, hence, making shopping or carrying business activities … Read more

Here’s how Virginia’s reckless driving laws are the toughest

Laws for reckless driving are overly strict in Virginia, a ranking by Popular Mechanics claims that the state has the fourth toughest speeding laws in the country. Under Va. Code § 46.2-862 and Code § 46.2-852, reckless driving is a criminal offense in Virginia. The reckless driving charge for speeding is covered under the section … Read more

Why Hire a Lawyer If You Are Facing Charges Of Sexual Crimes?

Sexual crimes are considered as heinous criminal activities with severe punishments. A sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that is performed through intimidation, manipulation, force, violence, coercion, deception, threat, or abuse of authority. Hence, consent is neither freely given nor obtained during the offense. Being accused of a sexual crime can … Read more

Sex Crimes Defense in Virginia

Sex crime charges are very different from other forms of criminal charges. Even a mere allegation, not founded nor proved, can cause a painful stigma plaguing you for the years to come. Also, even a trivial sex offense, either by a minor or an adult, is enough to label the accused as a ‘sexual offender’ … Read more